The Guitar Note Issue One


Here are just some of the cool articles and features in issue one.

Guitar Living Feature: Tim Brookes, author of Guitar, An American Life, writes an essay titled One for the Road about traveling with a guitar.

Artist Interview: We interview the great singer/ songwriter Eleanor McEvoy. She shares several captivating stories about her life in music.

The Pedal Feature: This issue will feature the Guitar team from TC Electronic. We will explore the pedal design process from conception to launch for a unique look at how these great pedals are made.

Those Were the Days: Touring guitarist and teacher Carmen Caramanica shares anecdotes about the old days of touring, sharing a dressing room with David Letterman, conducting the Tonight Show Band and more.

Gear Feature: Satellite Amps: A great story detailing the life and times of Adam Grimm, founder and builder of Satellite Amps.

A Lesson with Eric Skye: Renowned acoustic jazz guitarist, Eric Skye delivers a multimedia, video column targeted to the advanced player while still accessible to all levels.

An Interview with Roger Sadowsky: We visit the celebrated luthier in his New York City shop to get the inside story on his approach to the art and craft of guitar building.

The Dabbler - A man who knows a whole lot of nothing sets out to learn a little bit about everything. A column by P.T. Hylton. In this issue: The Dabbler builds a pedal.

Soloing Concepts with Steve Benford: The first in a series of video lessons on rock soloing by guitar teacher and luthier Steve Benford.

Tone on a Budget Column: Russell Southard writes about his experiences saving for his dream gear.

The Non-Guitarist: In this issue, we offer a profile of composer, music professor and rock band front man, Alex Freeman. We also explore his upcoming EP Alex Freeman: Pop Show.

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