About The Guitar Note

The Guitar Note is a digital guitar quarterly with an analog soul.

We are a quarterly publication dedicated to bringing you engaging content in a simple and modern format. The combination of quality in-depth articles and multimedia content will create a reading experience unmatched by guitar websites and traditional guitar magazines.

Great magazines begin with great writing. The Guitar Note is committed to presenting cool stories by writers you can find in many of today’s top publications. Our first issue, for instance, features an article by Tim Brookes (author of Guitar: An American Life, contributor to NPR‘s Morning Edition). Our second issue profiles the Santa Cruz Guitar Company and mixes text, video, and audio to tell the story.

While The Guitar Note loves talking gear, we are chiefly interested in sharing human-interest stories about the people who make and use guitars. You won’t find a traditional rundown of technical stats about an amp, pedal, or guitar, but you may find a luthier talking about the balance between craftsmanship, artistry, and tone. Or, funny travel experiences from a touring musician.

Digital Format
Conceived from the start as a digital quarterly, The Guitar Note delivers a multimedia experience. The Guitar Note is not simply a guitar magazine scanned into a computer. Readers will find a content-heavy experience, with video guitar lessons, audio interviews and musical snippets mixed in with compelling text.

The Guitar Note is designed with cross-platform functionality. Whether you use an iPhone, an Android, an iPad, or a Kindle Fire, you will have The Guitar Note at you fingertips. You can access the Note anywhere and anytime to read it, and with an internet connection to experience the multimedia.

Customers will be able to purchase the magazine right here on http://theguitarnote.com or soon in online stores such as Amazon’s Kindle Store.

For information or inquiries, please contact Matt at:


*Note: Multimedia content will not be accessible on devices that do not have video and audio capabilities.